McDonald’s French Fries can Grow Hair

McDonald’s French Fries can grow Hair,
on your Head or Anywhere?
Saw it On the News Today,
must be True to Come that Way!

Eye Brows, Ear Lobes, even Legs,
Self-Creation what this Begs.
Assuming that You have to Munch,
Super-Size and Quite a Bunch?

If good for Inside why not Out?
tape It where want Hair to Sprout.
Wear with Pride on Front or Back,
take a Break when Want to Snack.

If good for French Fries why not Meat?
including Big Mac’s would be Neat.
they Could make those Washboard Abs,
from Paunchy Guts to Rock Hard Slabs.

McDonald’s here’s What you should Do,
my Idea and Just for You.
a sure Hit and without Peril,
Clothing Line – McTent Apparel.

This is So nobody Knows,
if it’s Abs or Gut that Grows.
tape Big Mac’s or Woof them Down,
they’ll Never Know – You got the Gown.

I see This as a Win-Win Case,
Fries and Burgers every Place.
No reason For this Wave to Halt,
stop BO with Chocolate Malt.

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About Bob Grant

I truly enjoy writing Rhymes. It is sort of like putting a puzzle together with words. However, I am not a Poet! I am in awe of anyone who writes true poetry. I will continue writing Rhymes as long as there are functioning brain cells in my brain.
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