Unintended Consequence

It’s the Place he Likes to Roam,
‘cause it’s Heaven and his Home.
God does Things at Times up There,
that Falls on Us and Everywhere.

If he Suffers from a Cold,
Humidifier’s in the Fold.
Coming down With little Sizzle,
Dreary Days with pesky Drizzle.

Turning Sprinklers on his Lawn,
from the Night ‘til Early Dawn.
Through the Night we All will Gain,
Benefits of Steady Rain.

But there’s One at our Expense,
an Unintended Consequence.
When his Actions take a Toll,
as he Drains his Toilet Bowl.


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About Bob Grant

I truly enjoy writing Rhymes. It is sort of like putting a puzzle together with words. However, I am not a Poet! I am in awe of anyone who writes true poetry. I will continue writing Rhymes as long as there are functioning brain cells in my brain.
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