In defense of Buses

Surely Buses are our Friend,
Certainly should now Defend.
Helps us All to Move Along,
“Throwing Under” is just Wrong.

Assume all Models are Maligned,
Gather them and get Behind.
Mini, Maxi, Double Deck,
City, School, any Spec.

Things with Wheels time to Convey,
the Prejudice in this Cliché.
If there’s “Throwing” done at All,
Divide it Up from Big to Small.

Car, Van, for Sure a Truck,
Wagon, Trolley, with some Luck.
Rickshaw, Scooter, and a Bike,
Large Wheels, Small Wheels, and the Like.

Buses did Not ask for This,
nor did Want this Baseless Kiss.
If we All can Stick Together,
They’ll Survive this Stormy Weather.

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About Bob Grant

I truly enjoy writing Rhymes. It is sort of like putting a puzzle together with words. However, I am not a Poet! I am in awe of anyone who writes true poetry. I will continue writing Rhymes as long as there are functioning brain cells in my brain.
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