Progression of a Bad Idea

An Idea pops into my Head,
Added features Then are Bred.
Stirred around Into the Mix,
Humor and some Funny Quips.

This is Oh So very Clever,
Certainly a Prime Endeavor.
Words are Swirling – Rhyming In,
Excited to Let it Begin.

Mind is Able and not Shirking,
Comfort in that It’s still Working.
Time to Start this Masterpiece,
Before the Batter can Decrease.

First Draft, Second Draft, even More,
Now seems Better than Before.
Get it Just the Way I Want,
Post it In my Preferred Font.

Read once More – Ensure I’m Golden,
Now I’m even More Embolden.
Then move On to other Ventures,
Like inserting my clean Dentures.

Hours pass and I Return,
To what I wrote With some Concern.
Doubts have Crept within this Time,
To what I posted in that Rhyme.

Read it Again – What was I Thinking,
And I was Not even Drinking.
This really Was a Bad Idea,
Something Kin to Brain Urea.

What to Do – The Deed is Done,
Now in Regret Overrun.
Delete it Out or Let it Sit?
Wrote the Thing and now I Own It!

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About Bob Grant

I truly enjoy writing Rhymes. It is sort of like putting a puzzle together with words. However, I am not a Poet! I am in awe of anyone who writes true poetry. I will continue writing Rhymes as long as there are functioning brain cells in my brain.
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